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Reasons Why Not Everyone Needs a Smartphone

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Did you think that the smartphone is your answer to all problems? Think again. Though this piece of technology has changed the way we lead our lives and has introduced a new form of enterprise functioning, it is still not the best choice of mobile for every customer. A relatively low section of people require 24/7 connectivity and access to all types of information at the tap of a button.

A survey made in the year shows that more than 60 percent mobile users across the world possess a smartphone. While it has become difficult to resist this all pervading phenomenon, listed below are few considerations that you may make for not owing a smartphone:

1. No Need of Yearly Upgrades – New models of smartphones are released in the mobile market every month. This means the need for constant upgradation on the part of the customers. According to mobile researchers, the average lifespan of the device is at least 18 months; but in the contemporary market of constant updates, a mobile user has to change his/her device in lesser time. However, a point in favor of the smartphones here is that they have good recycle value. These devices are often sold to another user who wants to purchase at a lower price or are traded to the companies at good exchange rates. Moreover, if the condition of the smartphone is good, mobile carriers often recycle the old for new for free.

2. Not Good on the Personal Budget – The acquisition cost of purchasing an updated smartphone version is high. Add to that the data plans required to utilize the device features to the fullest, and the user has to shell out a large sum of money as not many mobile customers today want to use their smartphones only for talking and texting. On the brighter side though, internet connectivity assures the user of information anytime anywhere. With the increasing demand for data plans, operators are reducing their rates, and the modern mobile audience has access to charges matching with his/her budget.

3. Smartphones are Toxic in Nature – As stated earlier, a smartphone user has to update his device frequently. This often leads to the customer discarding his mobile phone completely and purchasing a new one. Researchers say that since these devices are not being recycled, they lead to toxicity of the environment. Therefore, simply throwing away a smartphone is considered criminal waste of resources. But it may be said in favor of these phones that only smartphones manufactured before 2010 were toxic in nature; the toxicity level has reduced significantly over the last two years.

4. Working All the Time – Enterprise workforce can now reach their workplaces late or can complete an important project even while they are sitting in the comforts of their homes. But the flip side to this is that a constant connectivity is maintained with the organization. This means that employees in reality have to work 24/7. A survey shows that over 54 percent of the world’s workforce cannot spend an hour without checking their smartphones for emails or other forms of work. However, one should also accept the smartphone concept considering the liberty to work anytime anywhere the employee feels like.

The above discussion clearly shows that though the smartphone has its own disadvantages, the modern man cannot do without the latest mobile technology.

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