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Android Smartphone vs. Android Tablet

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1. Web browsing experience – Android tablets provide a better web browsing experience when compared with Android smartphones. The keyboard space of an Android tablet is larger and browser such as Firefox and Opera used in tablets lend an experience that is similar to browsing in desktops.

2. Making calls and using social networking sites – If a person uses his/her mobile device primary to make or receive calls, the Android smartphone is a better option that the Android tablet. The handiness of the former makes usage more comfortable. Similarly, if the user is highly involved in social networking and frequently logs in to his/her Twitter or Facebook accounts, buying an Android smartphone is recommended. The smartphones being smaller, they can easily be taken out from the pocket and tasks can be completed with more ease.

3. Watching movies – There is hardly any doubt in the fact that Android tablets provide better movie watching experience as compared to smartphones. This is because of the larger screen size of tablets; when on the go or while traveling, you can easily watch a film or two on the tablet without stressing the eyes.

4. Playing games – According to mobile market analysts, the primary purpose served by a tablet is to provide an improved gaming experience to users. Though touch screen devices are not comparable to consoles and PCs, the tablet is an excellent platform for playing mobile games. This is the reason why a larger number of mobile device manufacturers are developing tablets and targeting users who are into gaming.

5. Portability – The primary reason why most mobile device users prefer the Android smartphone to the tablet is because of the former’s portability. While tablets need to be carried in bags or in their special cases, smartphones can easily be put inside pockets.

Overall performance in performing daily work – It is true that all generations of professionals are increasingly going mobile; but there is hardly a single person who can complete a full day’s work without using the laptop or desktop. For doing work such as creating budget reports, or making blueprints and whitepapers, a desktop is essential. Neither an Android smartphone nor Android tablets can help in completing work as easily as computers. On the other hand, mobile devices allow doing work anytime anywhere, and that is why they adoption rate is increasing. It can be concluded that Android tablets and smartphones perform equally when it comes to completing daily work.

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